Koschar was born 1952 in Graz ( Styria / Austria ). Based on his profession as a joiner he developed his interest in architecture during numerous journeys through all five continents.

It was at the age of 40 when he started to transform his rich experiences abroad into paintings on canvas. During the last decades his exhibitions at home and abroad in Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Kassel und Graz were dedicated to interaction beetween nature, culture, architecture and landscape. In his paintings, Koschar focused not on isolated individual elements, but on the way things interact in the light, creating patterns of colour. 

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»Nature and culture
give me perspectives as well as inspiration
without which my art is unthinkable.

Once mankind destroys those two there is no going back. 
This is the message
which I wish to convey
through my paintings.
My only hope is that it gets across and thus my art
gives an impetus to help and protect our planet
and the species inhabiting him before it’s to late.«



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Extensive travel all over the world formed his professional career as an artist without loosing the reference to his traditional roots of his home-country.

Following initial professional experience as a carpenter he had been engaged in interior design, where he discovered his passion for painting, which aroused his curiosity about new worlds. Fascinated and inspired by this amazing experiences he got when travelling abroad he started at the age of 30 to transform them into artistic expressions.

Soon after he began to present his work to the public at Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Kassel and Graz where he received a great response from the audience.

Interaction of  architecture, culture and landscape became the basic subject of Werner Koschar’s oeuvre.

»Koschar’s style is evolved on the one hand directly on the canvas by using thrilling colour contrasts and on the other hand by his characteristic, unique method of painting: Paintbrushes are used very rarely,  Koschar utilises knifes, spatulas and - often and gladly - bare hands to put oil and acryl colors on canvas. To form three-dimensional structures he inserts sand, glas and paperboards.

Various levels of colors are developed in several weeks lasting creative process. Thus his world-paintings get a form of distinctive plasticity which made different impacts whenever incidences of light require it. Thus paintings become  representatives of a continuously changing world.«

Dr. Möhrle, Paris 2008, 

art historian